Ash Trees

Because the City of Independence does not have its own city forester, we direct residents to utilize Hennepin County’s support via their ASH TREES page.  Residents may also contact them for support at #612-348-3777 or

Hennepin County's Ash Trees and Emerald Ash Borer page (link above) informs on: 

  • Identify -  identification of Ash Trees,
  • Signs - of infestation,
  • Preserve - know which can be Preserved and how to Preserve them,
  • Remove 
    • Grant Funding - As of spring 2024 through January 31, 2029, the County has grant funds via the Inflation Reduction Act from the U.S. Forest Service to help residents cover costs for Ash tree removal. Applications will be accepted from residents beginning June 2024.  Income levels are taken into consideration for qualifying residents, and Dustin Ellis (HN County) urges residents to apply and utilize the process. 
    • Reduce costs by hiring a company to remove trees on multiple properties (talk to your neighbors)
    • Proper Disposal at yard waste sites within Hennepin County. 
  • Replant