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Planning Application Type
Conditional Use Permit
Site Plan Review
Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Accessory Building Review
Ordinance Amendment
Interim Use Permit
Grading Permit
Planning / Building
Site Survey (Existing Conditions)
Site Survey (Proposed Conditions)
Building Plans
Construction Plans
Wetland Delineation
Preliminary/Final Plan

Minnesota State Statutes require local governments to review land use and zoning applications within 15 days of submission to determine if an application is complete and or if additional information is needed to complete the review. To ensure that the City has the requisite information, applicants shall schedule a pre-application meeting with the City Planner/Administrator at least two weeks prior to application submittal. The City will notify applicants if additional time is required to complete the review of an application due to meeting schedules or similar procedural requirements.

Application for Planning Consideration Fee Statement
The City of Independence approves a fee schedule annually per City Ordinance. The City has established a nexus between the cost of processing the application and the fees collected. The City utilizes the fee and deposit to pay for all costs associated with processing the application. The City utilizes consultants and City staff to process and complete the review of the application. Should the cost of processing and reviewing the application exceed the amount of fee and deposit collected, the City will bill the additional costs directly to the applicant and or ask for additional deposit funds. The City attempts to provide a detailed invoice to applicants within 90 days of the City’s final consideration of the application. By signing this form, the applicant recognizes that he/ she is solely responsible for any and all fees associated with the processing and review of the application regardless of the outcome and or withdrawal of the application after the City has commenced the review process. I UNDERSTAND THE FEE STATEMENT AND RESPONSIBILITIES ASSOCIATED WITH THIS APPLICATION: